My name is Ahn Sriwan. When you intentionally look for something that something will somehow appear. The fact that you have found your way here, could well be because you are looking for a Holistic Therapist that can offer a treatment that resonates with your inner Self.

The beauty of my treatments is that they compliment each other so perfectly. They all work effectively as standalone treatment and combined they support the individual on an even deeper cellular level.

​Whether your treatments are needed for physical ailments, mental wellbeing and support or to simply restore inner balance I will specifically tailor the session with an approach that is best suited to you as an individual.

Feel free to contact me for an informal chat on how I can best support your needs.



Knowledge has a beginning but no end.

- Geeta Iyengar

Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy - VTCT Qualification (Level 3)

A Reiki Master/ Teacher (Level III) Teacher

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage Certified Practitioner

Spiritual Healing Certified Practitioner

A CNHC Accredited Practitioner in Aromatherapy and Reiki

Accredited Reiki Practitioner & Member of The Reiki Association

AromaTouch® Technique | dōTERRA Certified Practitioner

Counselling Skills - Level 2 Certification